Pitti uomo 85, day 2

Pitti Uomo 85- people - 005.jpg

A golden thread binds design to fashion. A bond so tightly to blend and discuss . A dress can be a single work, as a furniture design , and certainly the people who love one , goes mad for each other. So I could not mention one of the most important events dedicated to fashion in the world : Pitti Immagine, in Florence.

It is the most important event at the international level for collections of clothing and accessories for men / women . Florence is even more international than usual, the windows of downtown shops bursting with creativity and imagination , events and fashion parties are just to choose from. Trendsetters , fashionistas, journalists, photographers , you are likely to spend hours in front of a wardrobe to decide what to wear and be absolutely normal in the midst of the people of fashion. Exaggerated ? yes ! But the opportunity is truly unique ! In principle, the style of dress in this event is quite elegant / classic . An elegant yet refined , original and great attention to detail . As always, of course, there are those who dress in a more eccentric way and I must say that the results do not go unnoticed for nothing ! I would like to thank The Men's Fashion Post for giving me the ' opportunity to participate for the first time to this wonderful event !


Photos (credit to www.pittimmagine.com) :