Interview with Taylor Zakhar

I had the pleasure of interviewing Taylor Zakhar a professional actor/model. Taylor is an actor that has appeared in shows like Nickelodeon's iCarly, on ABC's "Suburgatory" , MTV's "Awkward" and the newest show from ABC Family called "Young and Hungry" where he plays Amy Carrero's brother. He tells us, "I started when I was a kid and after I moved to Los Angeles it became an actual career. Tim Taylor at Luber Roklin has been an amazing rep on my path." Not only is Taylor a talented actor but he is also a professional model that has been in publications such as Italian Vogue, Elle, Italian Elle, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Runners World, Meltin Pot jeans, Jc Penny, Sears, Target, Kaplan, Google, Lexus, to name a few. 

Describe your own sense of style?
I tend to lean away from what everyone is wearing because then it becomes a clone-like style, so I pick and choose from magazines and streetwear creating this style hybrid. I love sneakers and boots, pairing them with cool jackets and simple t-shirts, while sporting a killer watch and chain. Comfort is the most important aspect to my style, James Perse long sleeve with a pair of Alternative Apparel shorts, some tennis shoes and a snap back, #comfy. 

How do you adapt to a style you're not comfortable with on set and make it work?
I have to put myself into the mindset of a person that would wear this, and then it allows me to find comfort in the outfit, it's all relative to acting. It's very rare that I put into a bad styling situation, but when it does happen, I just have to remember that I am selling a product and my opinion of the clothing does not matter. At the end of the day my job is to make the photographer and the client happy. Arrogance isn't a good look. 

Any advice for upcoming talent to get into modeling?
If I could give myself at the age of 15 some advice, it would be to do as much research as possible and know what agencies are looking for. Understanding what you are going to be marketed as is very important in starting your career. But the biggest piece of advice would be to make sure your photographers are legitimate and are not trying to take advantage of you. 

What's a staple every male model should have in their wardrobe?
Every male model should have a great pair of leather boots, a pair of well-made jeans, and a plethora of crewneck and V-neck T-shirts. 

What's the best style advice you've received on set?
A stylist once said to me that flip flops should never be worn unless you're taking out the trash or going to the beach...and I've adhered to that piece of advice ;)

Talk about the workings of this shoot, how did it come about and what was the concept of the shoot?
Walid Azami was one of the first photographers in Los Angeles I shot with, a few months ago we got to talking about producing a photoshoot that was unlike anything we have done before. Walid made a mood board, the stylist pulled for an Americana/denim story, and after hair and makeup signed on we were ready to go. The concept of the shoot was to produce photos that were as sexy as possible while maintaining fashion and editorial elements. We shot at 5 Points Studio in Los Angeles which allowed us so many backgrounds to give a variety of set ups, it was a great spot.

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