On Set With Leon Thomas

On Set With Leon Thomas

I had the pleasure of being on set with the very talented and recently grammy winner, Leon Thomas. He was shooting some editorial work with my good friend and talented photographer Walid Azami. We spoke about his career and success, but what I wanted to know was his take on fashion. Here is what he said...

Describe to me the evolution of your personal style the past couple of years.
My style has definitely evolved over the last couple years. Im currently into a lot of simple patterns and tighter fitting options. Being from the heart of New York City I used to love wearing baggy jeans, but as I grew older I discovered tighter fits are a better look for me. 

What is a basic every man should have in the closet?

Black boots are a necessity. It immediately adds flavor to any outfit. .


Whats your personal style in one sentence?

Urban black hippie. 

You must have worked with so many more trips stylist, what is the best piece of advice you've been given?

A pop of color always helps improve a  basic outfit. 

Tell us about the worst outfit you had to wear in your career.

When I was 12 years old I begged my mom to let me wear a pin stripped Zoot suit to the opening party for the Color Purple on broadway. The photos from that party haunt me to this day.

Eric Archibald styled you for this particular photo shoot, how would you describe this look?

The looks in this shoot are very GQ. He truly mastered the art of taking classic looks and adding a youthful flare. 

When you think of good men's fashion, who do you look up to?
I really look up to artist like Lenny kravitz, Miguel and Kanye west. 

Who dictates your style?
I do. Im the kind of person that celebrates the things that make me different. 

What is your wardrobe choice in the recording studio versus every day life? Does your wardrobe affect your art?
I like to feel like a true rockstar in the studio. I love to wear my all saints boots with a white tee and a jeans jacket. My clothes truly represent who I am as an artist. 

If you could eliminate one thing and that people are wearing right now, what would it be?

One current trend that I’m a fan of are long tees. I think this trend is going to be around for a long time.



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