While thinking of my trip to the mountains, I thought it was a good idea to put an outfit together that screamed MOUNTAINS! And thus the idea for a lumberjack outfit was born. While browsing through Forever21, I found this red plaid jacket that was perfect for my mountain outfit. The location here was Lake Gregory, California which is one of the lakes you run into while on your way up the mountain. Lake Gregory's altitude is not high enough to get a lot of snow. However, it was sure cold which was fine since I had this cool green parka that I got years back from H&M. The dark Levi jeans and the Allen Edmonds boots completed my lumberjack inspired outfit. The scenery and overall vibe of Lake Gregory was like out of a eerie movie. The smokey mountains, the fog, and trees made me feel like I was Jacob from the Twilight Saga. I was a werewolf protecting my lands with this faux fur that kept me warm.