Art Basel

Art Basel states art shows for high quality modern and contemporary art and is sited annually in Basel, Miami Beach. As you may have noticed, Art Basel is more than just a show for the arts. It has turned into a convention that showcases the arts but also lucrative parties, events, and the opportunity for creatives to meet and become inspired... or maybe just a reason for people to get together and party. X)

I teamed up with MSTR watches for Art Basel and was able to keep track of time as there was so much to see and so little time to spare. Miami is known for its beaches and also its awesome tropical weather. But, I was greeted by rain and it was awesome since it continued throughout the whole three days I was there. Boo! It didn't stop me from going to the shows, events, and and so on. I do have to share that as I was shooting at the beach, I accidentally dropped my camera into the water... I still can't get over it. It is currently sitting inside a huge bowl of rice (supposably that should take care of the moisture that might be trapped inside of it). Anyway, Art Basel was pretty awesome and I would definitely do it again. 

While in Miami you must wear white pants, I think its part of the local jurisdiction. Don't believe me? Google it and let me know. ;) I know it might be a difficult task to create an awesome outfit with white pants so here was my try at it. I wore white pants from Cotton On, my favorite Common Projects sneakers, a simple white tee, a greenish blazer from H&M, some RayBan sunnies and of course my Rose Gold MSTR watch

The art work...