Lorenzo Liverani

We had the pleasure of shooting Lorenzo Liverani  a social media influencer, blogger and traveler for ManInTown (http://www.manintown.com/it/man-in-town) and HuffingtonPost (http://www.huffingtonpost.it) and magazine contributor for Icon magazine.

Instagram Profile - @liveranilorenzo

Ph - Camilla Milanesi

"In these days my life is always divided among many business meetings around the city. I chose to wear an outfit that could represent me, a blue pinstriped suit from Tagliatore, a brand with a strong evocative meaning, born from the family tradition, represented for many years through a simple creative image but efficient from a communicative point of view. What can’t miss in my briefcase? Certainly my laptop, my moleskine and my ipod always with me the perfect fuel to run to the beat of music between my daily appointments."