The Best Winter Resorts in California

Being based out of Los Angeles is most of the time an amazing thing as we have the best weather one could ask for. However, when the holidays are here, something I find myself missing the cold weather. Therefore, I decided to make a list of the top ski resorts for the winter that are driving distance for L.A. I did some good research and these are what I found to be the top locations in my home state of California.:

5. Bear Mountain

Estimated Travel Time: 2 hours


4. Squaw Valley - Alpine Meadows

Estimated Travel Time: 4 hours

3. Kirkwood

Estimated Travel Time: 7 hours

2. Mammoth Mountain Ski Area

Estimated Travel Time: 4.5 hours

1. Heavenly Mountain Resort

Estimated Travel Time: 7.5 hours

Heavenly Mountain Resort is the best but it is also the farthest with an estimated travel time of 7.5 hours. My personal favorite is the one closest to Los Angeles even though it lands on 5th place. Being able to enjoy the slopes just two hours away from L.A. is just another reason why L.A. is the best place on earth. So be sure to visit any of these resorts when in California. If you have been to any of these please share your experience below! 

-Eff Ulloa