Braun Series 9

To shave or not to shave that is the question. Well for those of you men who always find it hard to grab the razor in the mornings to get that nice shave in, you can say goodbye to it. Razors are always nice as it provides a nice close shave, however, doing this on a daily basis can really damage your skin and create a mess of skin problems. So you might be guessing where I am going with this. Yes you are correct, I would like to introduce you guys to the skin saving machine by Braun. The Braun Series 9 wed & dry electric shaver is efficient and comfortable. It has 40,000 cross-cutting action per minute and the synergy of 4 specialized cutting elements. My favorite part of this machine (besides doing an amazing job shaving) is it's 5-action station. This station includes: cleaning, charging, lubrication, cleaning program selection, and drying. An overall killer machine that does its job to perfection while at the same time esthetically pleasing to the eye. If you already own one of these please let me know if you have the same opinion of this electric shaver, or if you have any more questions feel free to check Braun out on their website. Continue the conversation on the comment box below. Cheers!

-Eff Ulloa