Kiehls Apothecary Preparations

A while back I was invited by Kiehls to visit one of their LA locations. They invited me to introduce me to their latest personalized skincare called Apothecary Preparations. I was given a consultation with one of their apothecary experts to determine my main skincare needs. From the consultation, we determined that my main two concerns were the texture and redness. So the serum that I got included concentrates for texture and redness. 

Since my visit to Kiehls, I have introduced this serum into my daily skincare routine and have watched it do its work. I did notice less redness. The texture has improved, but because I have severe texture issues, I think I will need more time before I can say it has definitely improved. Nevertheless, I find that having such a personalized serum as part of any skincare routine is essential to really target specific issues. To learn more please visit the Kiehls' website and if you already use this please do not hesitate to share your experience on the comment box below. 

Thank you Kiehls for the Apothecary Preparation serum.