Google Home

Today’s home is changing, and Google is changing with it. I got to be so fortunate to bring the magic of Google intelligence into my home. That is why I am so excited to share with you guys my opinion and overall thoughts of the new Google Home.

 Like most menswear influencers, home is where I get to live, entertain, parent, play, but most definitely work. It can become a place that is quite busy but luckily the new Google Home is now here to provide some much needed help. I got to try out the Google Home and to be quite honest with you, it has really changed the way I go about my days. There are a multitude of things that Google Home is able to do with ease. You simply start with “Ok Google,” provide your questions or demands and it will get to work. Right now I find Google Home helping me with waking up, providing my daily schedule, checking the weather & traffic, playing some music, and lastly answering some random questions that I would typically expect from a Google search. This device has not only helped me but it has helped all of my family. My wife loves spending time watching the endless types of YouTube videos, and with the 6 months of Free YouTube Red that comes with the purchase of a new Google Home, she now can enjoy her videos ad free. My son has really put our Google Home to work. He is constantly asking to have the lights turned on or off and does very well in putting his favorite YouTube videos onto our living room television. I also want to mention that the quality of the sound is outstanding as it has an integrated highexcursion speaker. Overall, the Google Home is a great addition to my home. 

Being that is the holiday season, I am most likely going to have old Saint Nick pick some Google Homes on my behalf for a few loved ones. The beauty of the Google Home is that you can make with it what you want. It can truly become part of your home and your everyday life. The customizable bases allows you to change the look of the Google Home to better fit your liking. My personal favorite is the grey one that it already comes with. 

Enjoying the Google Home has been a great experience and so I have decided to put a small video together to showcase some of the ways the this device has helped me on my morning routine. Let me know what you think and do not be afraid to dive into the world of Google Home. Learn more Here.