On Track

When I think denim, I typically think of the warmer seasons. However, denim is so versatile that it can be worn year round. That is only true if you live in southern California. Luckily I live in Los Angeles and so the winters do not seem at all bad. It is because of this that I decided to do a denim story which showcased a full denim look with a very moody vibe. To bring you this story, I teamed up with Eight Field of Freedom. This new company was established in 2015 by industry veteran Gonzalo Posada, who helped cultivate the success of brands like Guess, Joie Jeans, and True Religion. Eight Field of Freedom was the perfect match and so I put together this outfit thinking of this company's eight core concepts: justice, balance, freedom, opportunity, responsibility, teamwork, inspiration, and infinite possibility. These eight core concepts spoke to me when deciding on the location for the look. These abandoned city train tracks were the perfect location that really demonstrated these concepts. The graffiti on the walls screaming for justice, the shadows provided balance, the never-ending tracks lead to freedom,  the many textures gave opportunity, the filth begged for responsibility, the strength of the untouched tracks proved teamwork, and all together provided us with inspiration and infinite possibility. My outfit was put together to merge seamlessly into this environment with the hopes that it evoked a sense of rustic timelessness. And with all that said, I hope you can too tap into these eight core concepts next time you indulge in a passion. 

Check out the full look and comment on the box below. This is what I am wearing: Dean Skinny - Wild Fox jeans and Olivier Denim Jacket both by Eight Field of Freedom, boots by Common Projects, bag by Uri Minkoff, watch by Daniel Wellington, and handsomeness by yours truly. X)