I want to share with you guys the first lookbook I have ever done. I never thought that I was going to be up for the challenge of doing some 'modeling' but since the guys over at MSTR watches are really good friends of mine, I couldn't say no to their offer. Modeling should be left for models and blogging should be left for bloggers, however, as many of us know, these types of jobs overlap a lot. That is why I felt like shooting some content for their spring summer collection was just like shooting an outfit for my blog. I did however caution them that I was not a model so to understand that the images might not be what they might be expecting to be. Nevertheless, we went ahead and pushed forward. The images above were a few of them from that day which I found were pretty good. The overall experience was great and I find that I might be up for the challenge if I was offered a similar opportunity. To check out the full collection of photos and to learn about this brand be sure to visit their website at: - Also, be sure to let me know what you guys think of my modeling LOL X) - Cheers!

-Eff Ulloa