Creative Reinvention with the HP Spectre

Armed with the Spectre, my video making process continues. Being that the  HP Spectre is so thin, I was able to take it with me to Palm Springs . While in Palm Springs I recorded footage of my outfits and was quickly able to download them into my laptop. The Spectre has led me to challenge myself in taking on video production. I am still very rough at it but with practice I am sure I will get better at it and with my Spectre by my side it should not take long. Now did I mention how sophisticated this laptop is? I found it so cool that the Spectre fit in very nicely with this mid-century modern house and its interior design. That is just another reason why this laptop is a must-have! Check out the videos below and give me your honest opinion on them. X) Cheers!

Thank you again HP for sponsoring this blog post. 

-Eff Ulloa