#100PiecesofPerry with Perry Ellis

We are celebrating the launch of the latest collection from Perry Ellis with 100 Pieces of Perry. 100 bloggers have created looks with items from the latest of Perry Ellis to be showcased together using the hashtag #100PiecesofPerry across social media platforms. 

I am one of the 100 bloggers that got to participate in this push and was so excited to hear about the unique way this new collection is being launched. My outfit was straight forward as I wore a navy blue polo with some loose fit trousers both are Perry Ellis Hero items. The trousers are very in with the current trend of loose fitting clothing. I was going to sport this look with my black A.P.C. sandals as this is also very in but decided to go with the basic white Common Project sneakers. I added a briefcase by Uri Minkoff and closed the look with the stainless steel mesh watch by Brathwait

Thank you,

-Eff Ulloa