Enter Fall

I am excited to share with you guys my first fashion editorial where I got to be the photographer. I have experience producing shoots and working with a team in putting a shoot together. However for this shoot and aside from having to style the shoot and cast the model, I got to lead the way by actually being behind the camera. This is something that I found to be very difficult to accomplish because photography is an animal in its self and it takes true talent to create imagery that is of great quality. Nevertheless, this is something that I have been wanting to engage in to help bring more content to Men's Fashion Post. I teamed up with New York City designer Carlos Campos (who we did a day with) to showcase his Autumn/Winter 16 collection and create cool fall looks. Brazilian model Caio Cesar was the perfect candidate for this and was great to work with. The location of the shoot was at my friend's photography studio: 5 Points Studio (check it out). At the start of the shoot I worked on getting some looks that were very straight forward with emphasis on minimalism and sophistication. I was very satisfied with how the first looks came out. As we progressed with the shoot, I started playing with the natural lighting that was in the studio and toward the end the photography got a bit more moody. It was an overall an overwhelming challenge to take on but I was happy with having pushed through and accomplishing it. Check out the full editorial below and let me know what you think! 

I do want to thank Carlos Campos NYC, Caio Cesar, and 5 Points studio for helping me create my first fashion editorial!

Thank you,

-Eff Ulloa