Model Spotlight: Nate Niehaus

Model Spotlight: Nate Niehaus

In the fashion industry, at times we forget that models are more than just a pretty face. We forget that models are people that like many of us, who are simply trying to figure out what to do with their lives and pursue that which they love. With that being said, we bring to you Nate Niehaus. A young model who is signed with Wilhelmina Modeling Agency. Read all about this young model who has recently entered the acting realm by checking out the Q&A below:

MFP: How were you discovered? 

Nate: My mom suggested that I take photos with her cousin who is a professional photographer, and she basically took my first modeling photos ever and then after that I was scouted by an agency called Zuri, and then when I was 17 I signed with Wilhelmina.


MFP: What was your first gig as a model?

Nate: My first ever modeling job was a print job for a Canadian company called Mark’s, it was for Father's Day. It was really super random!


MFP: What is your favorite clothing style?

Nate: I like dressing more vintage, or just getting inspired by what people have done generations before us and trying to do new things with old pieces of clothes.

MFP: Do you like living in LA?

Nate: Los Angeles has its ups and downs, traffic is horrific. Its very busy though so its for sure super fun living here.


MFP: As a model, do you think it is important to have a lot of followers on Instagram and in social media in general?

Nate: I feel like its important just because everything seems to be moving in that direction, huge social media influencers are booking big campaigns.

MFP: Do you have any strategies in running your social media platforms?

Nate: Honestly not really, I just try to stay active and post quality content.


MFP: How do you keep a healthy and fit body?

Nate: I either surf or workout everyday - I stay pretty active.

MFP: If you were not a model what will you be doing now?

Nate: If I wasn’t modeling I would probably be going to a CSU full time and working. 


MFP: What is a highlight so far from your modeling career?

Nate: When I went to NYC and did a campaign for American Eagle.

MFP: What do you have next? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Nate: I'm getting started with acting so I’m super excited to start that journey, but in ten years I’m not too sure. 



Follow Nate Niehaus on Instagram: @nateniehaus

Photography by Jerry Maestas for Men's Fashion Post

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