A day with Adam Bartoshesky

A day with Adam Bartoshesky

We spent a day with surfer, influencer and all around creative, Adam Bartoshesky aka Captain Barto at the new hotel in Malibu- The Surfrider Malibu.

We chatted all about surfing and how he transitioned from being a model to full time social media influencer. Read the interview below.


MFP : How would you describe the feeling of surfing to someone who has never tried it?

Adam: There are a lot of feelings associated with surfing. All of them are unique in their own way and amazing. Most surfing involves adventure- whether that is making the trek to your local surf break or traveling across the world to Indonesia in search of waves. There is always a sense of exploration to it. There are also varied feelings for riding varied waves. Some waves break hard, beat you up, and get your heart pumping. Other waves are slow rolling and you are in pure serenity just cruising down the line. To me the ultimate feeling is getting barreled on a wave - when the wave breaks over you and you are traveling through a hollow section of the wave. Literally no feeling in life compares to when you catch a big wave and make a good barrel. I have come out and just started yelling and hooting because I have been overcome with a crazy rush. A feeling better than jumping out of a plane and skydiving, better then a powder run down a mountain, better then sex.


MFP: What or Who influenced you to become a surfer?

Adam: I have been around surfing my whole life. It's the lifestyle I have always known. My parents met each other while lifeguarding at a beach in my home of state Maryland. Both were avid ocean enthusiasts and wave riders. My dad still rips until this day at the age of 62! He probably surfs more than me Gaga! He just got back from a surf trip to Costa Rica with all of his old fart friends. I also have an older brother who has been surfing his whole life. Everyone with an older brother knows that anything your brother does, you want to do. Growing up most of our family trips were surf trips. We went to The Carribean and Central America about a dozen times throughout my childhood.

I owe everything in my life to surfing. It's the reason I developed a sense of adventure and started traveling. Traveling was the main reason I picked up a camera and started creating. Without surfing I may have never became an avid traveler or picked up a camera. I would probably still be living in the small town I grew up in, in Maryland, and would have never seen or known about all of the amazing things you can do in this world.


MFP: You’re well traveled, what’s your favorite place you’ve been to?

Adam: That's one of the hardest questions. Every place has its own things that make it unique. Sometimes I enjoy doing a trip to a place like Paris and experiencing a more historic and style based trip. Other times I could care less about anything besides having a pair of board shorts and a surfboard and catching some good waves. Right now I'm in the mood for a simple adventure with good waves- so I'll say Indonesia. 


MFP: What’s the longest you’ve gone without surfing?

Adam: Shortly after moving to Los Angeles I got a pretty horrific eye injury from my surfboard hitting me in the face. I had 13 stitches in my eyelid and my eye was swollen shut for like two months. I went about two months without surfing and I think that was the longest I have ever gone. Before moving to Los Angeles two and a half years ago I would surf multiple times a week. Surfing in Los Angeles with my schedule these days can be tough so I try to make it a goal to surf at least once a week now.


MFP: What does surfing play in your life today?

Adam: I am sad to say I drifted away from it a bit in the last year. Sometimes you just need a little time away from things. Surfing was hands down the biggest part of my life from around age 12 to age 22 when I moved to Los Angeles. I had over 10 years where everything revolved around surfing and catching good waves. Every pay check, all my free time, every priority was surfing related. The last year kind of bums me out looking back on it, going weeks at a time without surfing, but I think it was necessary. I'm back in my surfing groove and value it in my life more then ever. It's given me everything I have and it serves as motivation, purpose, and escape more than ever now.


MFP: When did you start modeling? 

Adam: About two years ago. When I moved to Los Angeles I had a lot of people telling me I should try it out. It wasn't my thing and I had no desire to do it- I was a photographer, but if all these people seemed to think I should try it and I could make some extra money then I figured why not? I am always down for new experiences- that is how you continue to learn and evolve as a person. I submitted to some agencies and ended up signing with a small one about two years ago. After doing my first two shoots is when I suffered that eye injury surfing. So I was K.O.ed from modeling- unless my agent wanted to book my on sunglasses campaigns haha! I then took that time to focus on my photography. It began picking up and I was making good money and loved my work so at that point it didn't make sense to consider modeling again. Then about 6 months after that I was scouted at an event by FORD. A big name like that caught my attention and I then shifted my focus back to modeling about a year ago. I now find myself in front of the camera more than behind it. I will always love photography and creating though and will be shooting photos until the day I die.


MFP: How was the transition from being a model to being an influencer?

Adam: It's been amazing. I am essentially doing the same thing, except I have full creative control. I am in charge of the styling, creative direction, and editing, and the final product I create and post about for a company. Modeling can be awesome, but it also can really suck when you go through a shoot where you hate the styling and creative and can't make any of your own calls. 

MFP: What is your favorite clothing style?

Adam: My style preferences are constantly changing and evolving, but I have always loved statement pieces. I'm big on patterned designs- half my wardrobe are crazy patterned button downs. Pretty much party shirts, but I enjoy dressing them up more than you would typically see. Throw on a pair of nice pants and boots or loafers and I can cruise anywhere. I also love a good long coat.


MFP: Who’s your favorite designer/brand?

Adam: I love everything Alessandro Michele does with Gucci. Everything from the actual pieces to the way they present it and market it is amazing. Some other brands I love are Acne, Saturday's NYC, john varvatos, DUVIN, Sandro, All Saints, Saint Laurent, Common Projects, Nick Fouquet, 


MFP: Do you like living in Los Angeles? Why?

Adam: I love Los Angeles. I don't think there is any other place in the world where you could surf in the morning, go to the mountains for a mid day snowboard session, then make your way to the city for a night out- all in the same day. There is so much diversity and so many cool things you can do within driving distance.


MFP: First thing you do when you wake up?

Adam: Chug a glass of water. You gotta get your system going!

MFP: Best surfing spot you’ve been to?

Adam: Similar to the travel question and equally as hard. Every spot has its own things that make it awesome. The first two that come to mind are Northern Peru, and West Java, Indonesia.


MFP: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Adam: Being a respected name as a photographer, model, designer, and entrepreneur. Owning my own brand(s) and running a dope cafe or cocktail bar. Still on the endless journey of chasing waves, photoshoots, and adventures.


Keep up with Adam and follow him on Instagram: @captainbarto

Photography by Adrian Martin for Men's Fashion Post

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