Just Like His Dad


Being a dad is hard but being a cool dad is even harder. Everyone knows that part of being a cool dad is dressing the part. For this story I have teamed up with Sunglass Hut to showcase the importance of being a cool dad and how shades play an important role in it. 

Being a dad as many of you guys might know is no easy task. It is especially not easy when it is your first time and you are learning as you go. As a dad, one thing that I have learned is that your child always pays attention to everything you do. So that is why I always have that in the back of my mind as I maneuver through fatherhood. One thing is for sure, I always try a bit harder to include some coolness into my everyday. That is where sunglasses come in. Being cool cannot happen without a pair of shades. I do not know what it is about sunglasses but it always kicks in the cool factor. With Sunglass Hut having a full array of sunglasses for both adults and kids, my son and I are always looking mighty cool. The shades are always giving us the extra boost of confidence and while at the same time protecting our eyes. That is why you must always keep shades around to be that extra cool dad you want to be without having to work too hard at it. 

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Thank you Sunglass Hut for sponsoring this post.