A Smarter Home


It has been a couple months now since the introduction of both Google Home and Google Wifi into my life. It got some getting used to having such useful tools around my house but eventually they both became an integral part of my day-to-day life. 

Google Wifi has been great because it has allowed my entire house to have Wi-Fi access without any disruption of speed or signal. Google Wifi has three points which has allowed me to have strong Internet connections in and around my home. This has come in handy while I work either in my office or while in my living room. My whole family has seen the improvement since the introduction of this device. For example, my son can now stream his favorite YouTube videos on his smart TV with HD quality. Prior to this, he was stuck watching very pixelated videos. Now this does not mean that Google Wifi made our Wi-Fi faster, what it simply did was share the job between the three points around the home. Before this, a single router had to struggle with the demands we all placed on it, which really impacted our access to the Wi-Fi and the speed. 

With Google Home, I have been able to get more done as I am able to simply call out “Ok Google” to play music for me, blast a tutorial on my TV, answer some informative questions, and many more things. Having it for a while now, has allowed me to rely on my Google Home for basic Internet searches that would have otherwise kept my hands busy. The ability to ask for the weather and traffic in the mornings has been perfect and extremely helpful. Setting alarms is a perfect way to keep track of time in an effortless manner. Controlling the thermostat and other parts of the home just goes to show how connected and useful Google Home is. 

This has been a very exciting time for everyone at my home as we all have benefitted from having a smart home with both Google Wifi and Google Home. I cannot wait to see what new products Google will come out with in the future that will continue to make every home smarter. 

Thank you Google for sponsoring this post.