A day with Patrick Janelle

A day with Patrick Janelle

For our inaugural issue, we wanted to spend a day with a person whose life was seamlessly intertwined between their online presence and their everyday life. The goal was to have someone be a real life example of how both the digital and physical landscapes play an important role when creating success. This would allow us to plead one’s case about the importance of print and the introduction of the Men’s Fashion Post journal. And so as we searched for that person, we were lucky enough to find him!

We followed Instgrammer and self-proclaimed Man About Town, Patrick Janelle a.k.a. @aguynamedpatrick, during one of his typical days in Los Angeles. Patrick currently has half-a-million and counting followers on Instagram. Aside from being a passionate Instagrammer, he is the co-founder of two very successful projects, Spring Street Social Society and The Liquor Cabinet mobile application. 

A pioneer in the field of making a career from Instagram, Patrick made history by winning the first ever Fashion Instagrammer of the Year award by the CFDA in 2013. The fascinating thing about Patrick is that there are no elaborate productions or editorial schedules behind each of his photos- they are truly organic moments. The beauty behind this man’s Instagram feed is that he has stuck to the original concept Instagram was so popular for: using your phone to capture daily adventures as they occur. As is stated in his Instagram bio, “All iPhone”, is the rule he abides by and is surely a factor behind the consistency of his photos. 

Patrick starts his day with a cortado while catching up on e-mails.


"People think all I do is drink coffee and travel but I work very hard every day."


MFP: What’s the difference between his early days on Instagram vs. today’s Instagram?

Patrick: My early days on Instagram were strongly shaped by the community I was a part of. I made a lot of friends through the platform, and I was often getting up for sunrise to go on photo expeditions across the Brooklyn Bridge or around the city with those friends. Now, sadly, my schedule is so busy that I don’t have as much time for those activities. But the platform is fuller than ever, and—when I do have the time—I’m excited to make new discoveries provided by the ever-expanding community.

Patrick giving instructions to one of his staff at his pop-up shop.

MFP: How social media and particularly Instagram has shaped Patrick’s career?

Patrick: I developed my public persona on Instagram, and without the platform, I wouldn’t be able to document and share these beautiful, small moments that are constantly catching my attention. I’m extremely grateful!

Patrick grabs lunch with business partner, Amy.

#BTS of Patrick taking an Instagram photo of his food. See the Instagram post here.

MFP: Why New York City has been the city he decided to call home?

Patrick: New York was always my final destination. I felt that my cultural experiences living across the US and Europe prepared to hit the ground running in New York City: a place where I believe anything is possible if you work hard enough.

Heading to a meeting with Amy.

Patrick at work, planning his future event at the Hollywood Proper Residences.

MFP: How has NYC helped your career?

Patrick: The first job I landed when I moved to NYC was as a designer at Bon Appetite Magazine, so I was immediately plunged into a world of editorial and design. The city is a constant source of inspiration, from the architecture to the people to the constantly changing cultural landscape. I’m surrounded by other incredibly creative people, and I love collaborating with those who help push my own limits.

Patrick picking  up his favorite magazines.

MFP: What was the inspiration behind the founding of Spring Street Social Society? and as it grows and evolves, where do you see SSSSociety in the future?

Patrick: My Spring Street Social Society partner, Amy Buchanan, and I met through our favorite coffeeshop in NYC. Two weeks after meeting, we staged our first cabaret in my former backyard on Spring Street in SoHo. There were never plans to grow that single event into something larger. But we both have always loved gathering people together, and from that foundation, SSSS has become our creative playground. It allows us to push ourselves in the arenas of performance, hospitality, and dining. Because the project is ever-changing, we don’t have firm plans for the future. But ultimately, we are excited to continue collaborating with creative people—whether up-and-coming-chefs or small brands who we can carry in our new retail concept, Stay, in Los Angeles.

Inside his pop-up shop, Stay in Platfrom LA

MFP: What has been the most rewarding and at the same time most challenging about the founding of this app?

Patrick: Developing a new digital project is hard! The most difficult aspect starting up was that I never had a dedicated developer on my team. I’ve worked with several people before landing on a team successfully, and that was costly. The most rewarding part of the process has been our audience. Talking about cocktails is fun! And we’ve been thrilled to find a receptive audience who are just as passionate about liquor and cocktails as we are.

MFP: As a co-founder of two different ventures, what has been the best part in having someone else as a partner?  And also, what hurdles have you endured or lessons have you learned from having a partner in founding these two ventures?

Patrick: It’s so important to find partners who are just as committed as you are. Starting a business or creative project is a huge undertaking, but it’s an incredible experience working with someone who shares your vision and dedication. It’s important to find someone who’s strengths balance yours so you can play a little bit of hot potato: a task that is too difficult for me is often something that my partner is really good at. Being able to share the burden equally is important. And if that doesn’t happen—it can be exhausting!

Patrick shopping for his upcoming travels.

MFP: In a perfect world where everything goes as planned, how do you see yourself in the near future?

Patrick: Extending my reach across other platforms like web, books and and TV, and continuing to expand The Liquor Cabinet and Spring Street Social Society in fun new ways!

Patrick posing and all smiles with one of his Instagram followers.

MFP: As a co-founder to SSSSociety and The Liquor Cabinet, an Instagrammer, a Creative Director, and the many other hats you wear, what is one of the most common misconceptions people might have of you and your work?

Patrick: Possibly that all I do is drink coffee and travel. I do that a lot…but I work very hard every day.

So there you have it. A man about town who kick started his career on Instagram has allowed us to join him and learn more about how, with hard work and dedication, anything can happen. Instagram continues to evolve and become more prevalent in the lives of people around the world. Individuals like Patrick, who take on the challenge of sharing their adventures, provide an example of how consistency and hard work can pay off. Nevertheless, being a team player, a socialite and a person who knows how to network, can all contribute to the overall success of a person like Patrick. One thing that you can be sure to take with you from him is that having an online presence is undeniably important in today’s world. 

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