An Artist on the Rise: Petit Biscuit

An Artist on the Rise: Petit Biscuit

Mehdi Benjellounm, better known by his stage name Petit Biscuit, is a French Moroccan DJ and music producer that has loved and created music since a very young age. He is still very young and has already garnered plenty of attention in the music industry. At only 17 years old, Petit Biscuit has created music that has transcended many age groups and genres. This music artist is just beginning his career and so we caught up with him to learn more about him and his music. 

When did you start making your own songs?

I started making my own music when I was around 14 year-old. I was already producing music as early as 12 but I wouldn't call it my own songs, rather musical tests! It took me 2 years to learn to use the softwares and synthesizers, and at 14 I started enjoying the feeling of getting away that producing music gives me. You have to break free of technical constraints to be able to let go and be yourself in the studio, enabling you to create music you can be proud of, and that you don't tire from because it's a reflection of your personality.


Which artists do you think influence your sound the most?

A lot of artists influenced me, some of them in the tone of the music like Flume, but most of them helped me better understand how to create my own and unique sound. Music nowadays is more and more formatted, people are thus seeking something different every time, be it dark or evasive, poetic or sharp-edged. That's what I try to offer now, and what I intend to continue working on in the future.


Did you expect “Sunset Lover” to be a hit?

When I'm composing, I talk about tracks, not hits. I think it's hard to predict the reaction of the audience, who would have thought that a downtempo, instrumental track could reach 300 millions streams! However, when I listen to it again, I can see how it's a transgenerational song, it softens the heart of most people, at every age.


If you could collaborate with any artist of your choosing, which artist would that be?

I often talk about Flume, who's really my musical "guru". I feel like at each new track, Flume offers a neo-pop vision of music : songs that makes you dance, that you like from the first notes and which are really intriguing.


What does a typical day look like for Petit Biscuit?

My ideal day is one where I can compose. Travelling around the world is extraordinary, like when I go and meet the people that listen to my music everywhere on earth. But days when I can compose are getting rare nowadays, and I like it when I can spend an entire night creating music, it helps me move forward, in my project and in my ideas.


Are there any tips you could give to aspiring producers/DJ?

Certainly a very universal advice, but 'be yourself'. Inspiration is very important, you have to soak in your musical tastes, your favorite artists, to be able to find guidance, but building your own story and offering your own vision of music is the only way to distinguish yourself. You also haev to know how to evolve, the most important is to have your own aesthetics, and not a gimmick. It takes time to understand it, but music is like the living. It's a creation that tends to evolve and distort across millions of years. 

A young inspiring music success is well on his way to more amazing opportunities. So please do follow him along as he continues his journey and grows as an artist. Below you will find the video of his most streamed track titled "Sunset Lover": 

Check him out on Instagram: @PetitBiscuit

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