Les Deux: The Story of Success

Les Deux: The Story of Success


After its huge success breaking in to the Scandinavian market, the Danish fashion brand Les Deux is now on a march(quest)to conquer the rest of the global fashion industry. Through distinctive design and an internal drive, the young company is now channelling its focus on the rest of the world.

The brand’s story began back in 2009 and was officially founded in 2011 in the Danish capital, Copenhagen. Its founders, raised with radically diverse cultural backgrounds, met with an idea to create a distinctive fashion brand which reflected them both. One, a political refugee from Congo and the other, a Scandi-boy from the suburbs of Copenhagen.


The French name Les Deux meaning,‘thetwo’, is a reflection of their styles combined. A blend of preppy Northern Sealand, Denmark, united with the darker roots of Nørrebro in Copenhagen, shaped something that felt unique.


Les Deux set out with its first collection made up of just a simple white t-shirt with sewed on patches. The initial concept was shut down by many industry buyers based on a lack of understanding for the brand, yet the two founders continued on the road until they received positive feedback. One of Denmark’s most prestigious menswear shops, St Valentin, was the first to buy into the product where they sold 500 T-shirts in just 3 months. Since then, the brand has developed steadily into a coherent premium lifestyle brand which spans across not only cultural, but also national borders, with a presence in around 20 countries.

”We believe in unifying human relations across physical and cultural borders by defining a visionary lifestyle based on compassion, creativity and the freedom to aim high — we make premium apparel.”

Although the brand has drastically evolved, it has continued to keep to its original philosophy of preppy meets urban. Les Deux’s goal is to inspire its ever-expanding customer base through all that they do, from the designs and styles created to the marketing and events they produce. Each style is connected to the Les Deux branding with a story that always keeps an emphasis on the word‘Lifestyle.’An example of this would be of one of their best-selling products, the‘Keeper’sweatshirt. Like the brand; this is more than just a sweater. Something that can be worn and given to all, whether it be your brother, father, best friend or girlfriend.


In today’s high-speed fashion industry, large-scale corporate companies are known for regularly churning out new labels, making it very difficult for young and individual brands to succeed. Les Deux have proven that with not only an exciting concept, but with passion and determination it is still possible to make it in the diluted and fast-paced world of fashion.


Currently, Les Deux is opening up at key retailers across the UK and Europe and has just expanded in to Asia and North America. We see big things for them, so keep your eyes open for the next great Scandinavian fashion brand!

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