Bibo Ergo Sum

Bibo Ergo Sum

BIBO ERGO SUM - “I drink, therefore I am”

Photos and words by Teddy Nguyen



Tucked away underneath Robertson Plaza, Bibo Egro Sum, is the bar and gem paving the way for the revival of the once bustling Robertson Blvd, in Los Angeles. Latin for “I drink therefore I am,” Bibo is injecting vibrancy back into a street that has lost some luster throughout the years.  

Tait Forman, Bibo Ergo Sum

Tait Forman, Bibo Ergo Sum

 Tait Forman, the man behind the bar, cultivated a space where everyone is cool enough to have a seat at his bar. From the moment you walk through the red doors, you are immediately greeted by a unique space with interesting lines and curves everywhere you look. Inspired by the graphic symmetry of turn of the century Vienna architects Otto Wagner and Adolf Loos, Bibo is a dynamic blend of a world-class cocktail bar and a European café. There is truly nothing in Los Angeles like Bibo.  


You can certainly expect to sit back and really appreciate the well-crafted drinks. Each cocktail is made anchored to the idea of the transformative power of a great cocktail. Inspired by Christopher Nolan’s film, The Prestige, Bibo’s first menu featured three collection of drinks representing the three stages of a magic trick: The Pledge, The Turn, and the Prestige. With their one-year anniversary, Bibo has launched a new menu exploring their cocktail making approach through three distinct eras: Old Style, Neon and Present & Beyond. The cocktails from each era match the styles of drinking prevalent in that time period, while still being informed by Bibo’s thoughtful approach to drink making. As frequent guests at the bar ourselves, we can confidently say that the drinks are quite magical.  

 So what better person to ask then Tait Forman himself on how to impress your friends this holiday season. We asked Tait to give us some tips and cocktail recipes to really vamp up your cocktail game this winter. Here’s what he had to say: 



Cover your Bases

 Be sure your bar is stocked with some core essential spirits, beers, wines, and mixers. For spirits, a concise selection of spirits will help cover your basis, and maybe reach for one sipping spirit as well. I’d recommend Uncle Nearest premium whiskey, which has an incredible backstory and history for you to connect your guests to. It’s great for sipping neat or throwing in a cocktail. Also, sparkling wine, because everyone loves sparkling wine. 



First, make sure you are well stocked on ice. Nothing is worse than having to resort to whatever frozen item is in the fridge to help chill your drink. If you really want to impress your guests, look for a company that provides block ice such as Penny Pound in Los Angeles. 


 Make your own syrups:  

 One of the essential variables to most cocktails is the balance of sugar. Most store bought syrups have way more ingredients than you need or want. Instead mix equal parts white sugar and filtered water either by hand or in a blender until the sugar is fully dissolved. 


Prebatch your drinks:  

 A practice many bars employ to help speed up service, I’d recommend combining a number of a drinks ingredients into one or two bottles to help speed up the time it takes for you to make a drink for your friends. If nothing else, juice some citrus ahead of time so your guests don’t have to watch you juice each lime by hand as you make their next drink. 

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 Set up your bar station:  

Similar to prebatching your cocktails, set up the area where you’ll make your friends drinks so that you can do so with ease and with minimal movement. Try and either be near the sink and freezer, for easy access to ice and dump station, or use a portable cooler and a bin to keep everything right where you need them. The less you have to move about the better so you can focus your energy on mixing drinks and enjoying your friends’ company.



Stone Fence Julep:

.75oz Uncle Nearest

2.5oz Blum Cidre

5oz Maple Syrup

Mint Garnish 


Rhum Punch

1oz Avua Amburana Cachaca

75oz Rhum JM Agricole Gold

1oz Amontialdo Sherry

75oz Grenadine

75oz lime

2 dashes Angostura Bitters 


Bibo Ergo Sum is located in 116 N Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

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