Model Spotlight: Chad Hurst

Model Spotlight: Chad Hurst

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We continue our model spotlight with none other than Australian international model, Chad Hurst. Chad is signed to top agencies like LA Models and Wilhelmina and has worked with Superdry and other top brands. Shot by Kevin Roldan, Chad tells us all about his early days and his thoughts on having a social media presence. 

MFP: How were you discovered?

Chad: I was a qualified builder in the past and got discovered on a job site by a scouting agent.

MFP: What was your first paid gig as a model?

Chad: My first paid modeling gig was for the cover of Myer catalogue, it was huge achievement for me, and a great feeling to start my career.

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MFP: What is the meaning of “Good Taste” to you?

Chad: Good taste to me is defiantly fashion. Traveling the world and seeing each countries fashion sense is mind blowing!

MFP: As a model, do you think it is important to have a lot of followers on Instagram to get gigs?

Chad: I think having a lot of followers is a great key on booking jobs. I have noticed some clients look at model’s Instagram page before requesting. but also meeting the clients in person is very handy too as they can see your personality.

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MFP: What is your favorite clothing style? What item do you have the most of?

Chad: My style is heavily influenced by street. I love my kicks and a good hat, but then again I also love myself a three piece suit! 

MFP: Do you like living in Australia?

Chad:  I love the Australian culture! It’s so laid back everyone is on the same vibe. Traveling is amazing but home will always be home.

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MFP: Do you have any strategies in running your social media platforms?

Chad:  I don’t really have much strategies but I like to engage with people and what’s going on.

MFP: What is your exercise routine/type? Also, to keep healthy, what types of food do you eat?

Chad: I do a lot of cardio, for every hundred calories I burn I have to exchange that in a core work out. Example 100 calories = 100 sit ups. I love to eat clean salads and greens are my favourite.... I also love butter chicken, and a good beer. 

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MFP: Is there a place you want to travel to that you have yet to visit?

Chad:  China. The Great Wall of China is on the top of my bucket list. I want to listen to 30 seconds to mars while adventuring the Wall. 

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MFP: If you weren't a model today, what do you think you will be doing instead?

Chad:  It would be in the music industry. I have an ear for music it’s a passion in my life.

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MFP: What is a highlight of your modeling career?

Chad: When I shot a campaign in Naples at this beautiful location over looking the sea and mountains. It was just breathtaking!!

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MFP: What’s next for Chad Hurst? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Chad: Moving into the film industry. I love to act, its a unique feeling getting into character.


Photography by Kevin Roldan for Men's Fashion Post

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