Model Spotlight: Jacob Atwood

Model Spotlight: Jacob Atwood

Model Spotlight featuring the young and upcoming Jacob Atwood represented by Wilhelmina Models. Check out the photos and interview below.


MFP: How were you discovered as a model?

I was discovered by my agent through a family friend who has been in the modeling industry for a while now. 


MFP: What was your first paid gig as a model?

Walking a runway show for puma! 

MFP: What is the meaning of “Good Taste” to you?

The meaning of good taste to me is someone who has a good sense of style and fashion. What’s cool to me is everyone has their own sense of style & fashion so that’s what makes us all unique. We use our style & fashion to express ourselves. 


MFP: What is your favorite clothing style? 

i love the classic clean look. i love suits, i own way too many button up Hawaiian shirts though haha.

MFP: 3 things that you can’t live without?

surfing, my airplane, & music. 


MFP: Do you like living in New York? Why or Why not?

I wish i lived in NY! Currently living in LA but would eventually love to make it out the city. I have tons of friends that live out there and I’ve been before. There’s something about NYC that makes it so different than any other city, there’s an energy and a pulse to the city.  

MFP: Do you have any strategies in running your social media platforms?

Just trying to stay active with my audience and sticking to showing social media who I truly am as an individual. Being real with the world and not trying to be someone else. I think people wanna follow you for the true you, at least I hope. 


MFP: As a model, do you think it is important to have a lot of followers on Instagram to get gigs?

I have lots of friends in the industry with a very little following or don’t even have an insta that book consistently. They are some of the most successful models i know. So no i don’t think it’s super important, but you can definitely benefit from it and it could help you get a gig.

MFP: What is your exercise routine/type? Also, to keep healthy, what types of food do you eat?

I try my hardest to stay consistently work out and eating healthy. I do a lot of cross fit training & workout with my friends at home. I love going on beach runs and doing a lot of cardio exercises. I surf pretty consistently, so you can consider that an exercise as well. The ocean is my playground. Just wear sunscreen though, that sun can cause lots of damage to your skin! 


MFP: Is there a place you want to travel to that you have yet to visit?

Yes there is !! The Amalfi Coast, seems like a phenomenal place. I have plans to go soon :) 


MFP: If you weren't a model, what will you be doing?

On the side of modeling I’m working towards becoming a pilot. I would love to fly for private jets for charter at some point in my life time. 

MFP: What is a highlight of your modeling career?

So far the highlight has just been being able to travel meeting new people and experience so many cultures along the way. 


MFP: What’s next for Jacob? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully booking some big campaigns/shows & flying my plane above wherever you are! 

Follow Jacob on Instagram: @jacobatwood

Photography by Adrian Martin

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