Actor Spotlight: Gregg Sulkin

Actor Spotlight: Gregg Sulkin


From his early days at Disney to his latest works, Gregg Sulkin continues to raise the bar for young actors across the industry. As a well experience actor, Gregg tells us all about his experience in Hollywood and all that he has learned through the process. He also shines some light on his latest projects and more. Get to know more about Gregg as you read below.

MFP: Let’s start by talking about your present completed projects, what are you currently most excited to see released?

I have two features coming out later this year. One is a Romantic Comedy for Netflix, starring the lovely Laura Marano and myself. 

I also have another movie “This Is The Year”, directed by my best friend & previous co-star David Henrie, which I starred in and also produced. It was important to me that I chose my projects carefully and correctly during my Runaways hiatus and I’d like to think myself, and my team, managed to do that.

All Saints coat

All Saints coat

MFP: Similarly, what upcoming projects are in the works that you cannot wait to start shooting and/or have post-production wrapped?

I am about to start shooting Season 3 of my Marvel show, “Marvel’s Runaways” (on Hulu). It is a real honor to be part of the Marvel family and I have enjoyed every second of it. It is always a blessing to do one season on a TV show, let alone three, so I feel extremely humbled. It’s a really cool show to be involved with. Who doesn’t want superpowers?!

Saint Laurent shirt

Saint Laurent shirt

MFP: Being so young, you already have so much experience and so many titles under your belt, what do you do to keep the momentum going? Is it the sole love for acting or are there other aspects of your work that truly keep you excited for what you do?

I think it’s always important to push yourself keep growing, both personally and professionally. Perhaps that is why I have been able to keep the momentum growing, but I also think it is because certain showrunners, directors and network/studio executives have believed in me and given me the chance. I owe a lot to those who have hired me to allow me to have the platform to show what I can do.

I also moved to the States when I was seventeen years old, and I always wanted to return home successful. I wanted to prove to myself and my parents that I could make something of myself and my career. My parents are beyond proud when they see my billboards/commercials so that also inspires me. I just plan on keeping focused and getting better. For me, and for them.

Thom Browne sweater from FWRD MAN

Thom Browne sweater from FWRD MAN

MFP: What’s your philosophical approach when deciding on a project? What do you look at before declining or moving forward? Has this become more important with age/experience?

Every project is different. There are many factors that go into making my decision. Who is involved? Who is directing, producing, acting etc? As I’ve gotten older and more experienced, every step I take now is crucial. I have more eyeballs on me and my work than ever before so it’s important smart choices are made. I definitely look at the shooting location a lot more now there days! I do like to travel but there’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed!

MFP: In an industry that has such an extensive reach, have you become better at understanding what will resonate with the audience? Has there ever been a project that surprised you on how it was received (whether good or bad) or do project typically meet the expectation?

I think as an actor, you do the best job you possibly can with the material you are given. Whether the movie does well or not, that part is usually out of your hands. As an actor, you hope the editor is going to be your best friend and show the audience your performance in your best light, however, editors are humans and therefore, may have a different opinion than you, which of course is their right. You never really know. So many things can change during the post production process that you never really know what the outcome will be until it’s picture locked. Although, even once it’s locked, you may think the show or movie may resonate with an audience, but you could be totally wrong. 

MFP: Now looking at the many roles that you have played, which role has been the most challenging? By the same token, has there been a role that was really easy?

Every role is challenging in their own right. Doing a multi-cam sitcom requires completely different skills than a one hour drama, or a horror feature for example. I am just extremely happy that I have been able to gain experience in many different genres/projects, which has allowed me to understand where my strengths and weaknesses are, which of course I address and try to improve on constantly.

MFP: You have been nominated and won awards, how important are these types of accolades to you as an actor?

They are important in the sense that it is nice to be recognized by peers and/or fans/viewers for my work. However, it’s not important to me in the sense that I do not think that makes an individual superior than another human being simply based on have been given an award. They are many talented actors out there who have yet to win an award who are very talented. For me, I never had a plan B, so I’m just glad it worked out!

MFP: Generally speaking, there are a lot of people who are fascinated by your line of work, why do you think this is the case?

I think it’s a fascinating industry. You may have heard of the term “movie magic” before, but even being immersed in the industry on a daily basis, I do not get numb to the fact that in some cases, we really do create special moments on screen that are absolutely mind blowing. There really is something special about this industry. I think that’s why people gravitate towards it.

MFP: In a perfect world, where you get to choose who your co-stars and directors are, who would you choose to work alongside with?

Easy. Clooney. Brad Pitt. Matt Damon. Don Cheadle. Michael B Jordan. Andrew Garfield. Emma Stone. Meryl Streep.

MFP: Now shifting gears a bit, social media seems to be so important nowadays, what does social media mean to you?

I think for me, I see it as an opportunity to inspire and encourage people. There is a dark side to social media, that I do not like, so I try to spread positivity on my platforms. I think it’s important we as a society use social media in the correct way, otherwise I think it can be very harmful to your mental health.


MFP: you continue to work, your fame will continue to rise, what do you do to help with the burdens that may come from this?

To be honest, I am the same Gregg now than the Gregg I was as sixteen, without the “fame. And I will be the same Gregg when I am sixty, with just perhaps a few more grey hairs!

In all honesty, you never know what is going to happen in life. But what I do believe is that God is bigger than me, and the minute I get ahead of myself and believe I am better or bigger than anyone else, is the minute he’ll remind me I’m not.

MFP: Can Gregg Sulkin still do average people things without being bothered? Grocery store? The mall? Any particular experience that comes to mind in regards to fame?

I’d like to think I have a lovely balance. There are times when fans will come up for pictures, and there will be other times when I am able to not draw attention - everyone is head down on their phones these days, which sometimes helps when I’m trying to enjoy a quiet meal with my family!


MFP: Being invited to the many Hollywood parties and similar industry events, have you ever had a ‘fangirl’ moment with a hollywood star/ someone famous? If so, how was that experience? If not, who do you think you might have a ‘fangirl’ moment with if you ever met that person?

I would love to meet Obama. He seems like he’d have one or two stories to share.

MFP: Lastly, with all that you do, how do you find time for some fun? And what does fun look like?

My biggest goal in life is to be happy.  Fun to me looks like the appreciating the beach, surrounded by loved ones/friends whilst having a sports game on TV in the background.


Photographed by Jon Wong

Styled by Corey Winston

Grooming by Josh Liu

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