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Men's Fashion Post is a global menswear and lifestyle publication that provides inspiration for the many style seekers who regularly visit. Men's Fashion Post is amongst the most followed menswear and lifestyle publication on Instagram boasting over 3 million followers. Men's Fashion Post has pushed menswear since 2012 and earned global recognition. Men's Fashion Post will continue to influence the fashion world with the introduction of the Men's Fashion Post newspaper set to release this summer of 2017.

Aside from being a successful online publication, Men's Fashion Post works as a full fledged media production company, specializing in digital marketing. Our services range from content creation and digital marketing, to photo/video and event/activation production.


How far we Reach:

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Total Reach: 3,457,690


Website reach: 20,000 average monthly visits

Street style, interviews, editorials, and many more stories can be found on our website. All of the content is shot and produced by our team of Men's Fashion Post creatives and talents. 

Social reach: 3,407,690 across all Platforms

We pride ourselves in spearheading menswear on social media. We have had great success on Instagram as we are amongst the top most followed menswear publications in the world boasting over 3 million followers and counting! 

Newspaper: 30,000 quarterly subscriptions (Est.)

They say 'print is dead' but we believe print will never die and will always have a special place in the world of fashion. It is because of this reason that we will welcome the inaugural issue of the Men's Fashion Post newspaper this summer of 2017.



what we do:

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What we've done:

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We have teamed up with various brands to create beautiful content based on their specifications. Our team of content creators can generate fast and effective content that can start the conversation on any product or service. We know the importance of having top quality content and so you can count with our team to create all the content you need. So stop wasting time and effort trying to create the content yourself, have our professionals do it for you.

Example: On this featured content production assignment we worked with Google in creating content around their Google Wifi. They specified the type of content they were looking for and our team got to work.  


Our video production experts can create any video to best describe your product or services. Video continues to be a very powerful tool for brands as it allows customers to interact with higher rates of engagement. However, we know that video product is extremely difficult to tackle if you do not have the right tools. Our team can create virtually any video you like with ease and success. 

Example: Here is another collaboration with Google. This time we worked on creating a video for their Google Home product. As you see the video provides insights as to how the product works and how it would work for the average customer. 

Creative Production

Aside from creating content based on your specification, our creative team can assist in photo and video production when a creative voice is needed. We are capable of creating lookbooks, advertorials, and other creative productions to showcase your brand in the best possible way. When brand's need added inspiration for their upcoming products/service, our creative team joins in and helps. We can take your ideas and expand from them or create a brand new concept for you. The possibilities are endless as creativeness has no boundaries.   

Example: In this featured creative production we worked on creating an editorial with a product placement. An effective way to communicate with your customer is to align your product to creative productions that will accentuate it. It feels and looks so organic to see your product shot in an editorial where the reader is allowed to admire the art of the production without being obvious advertisement.

Creative Production

Here is another example of how our team can create beautiful work to best fit your brand's aesthetics. We worked with an online retail company in creating their latest lookbook.

Example: In this featured creative production we worked with The Eras Clothing in creating a lookbook for their latest collection of clothing. They did not have any specific direction so they allowed our creative team to create and execute this creative concept. 


When launching a new product or to create brand awareness, a giveaway always resonates well with any customer. Be effective in your giveaways by providing a detailed plan and strategy that will maximize your investment. Our team can create the perfect giveaway to best match your needs and budget.

Example: In this featured Giveaway Initiative, we worked with Uri Minkoff in featuring their bag collection in our Monthly Giveaway. This not only allows for a client to receive exposure and more followers, but it also adds brand awareness due to the interactive way of each giveaway. 


Being everywhere is essential when creating brand awareness or pushing your product/brand. That is why it is very important to have events that can start or continue the conversation around your brand. Our team can help in creating the perfect event for all types of occasions and/or purposes. Have Men's Fashion Post be the production company that aligns and targets the right people for your event.

Example: For this event production, we worked with MSTR Watches in the launch of their new line of watches. We had an intimate sit down dinner with Los Angeles' top social media influencers. With the help of more sponsors, MSTR Watches was provided with an exceptional event.

Business CONSULTATION - digital Activations

The success we've had is due in part to the ongoing efforts made by our founder Eff Ulloa. He has transformed the way brands can interact on Men's Fashion Post. Instead of being a typical online publication, Eff made sure each of our clients were well taken care of by making it exceptionally easy for them to market their product or services on our website or other websites. Our ability to create content, strategize on social activations, hold creative productions, engage in social media marketing, host events and the rest of the stuff we do has truly made Men's Fashion Post a very successful media production company aside from being a reputable online publication. 

If that were not enough, part of our success is in being able to count with Eff Ulloa as a digital influencer and business consultant. He is able to engage in marketing campaigns where he leads them into desired results. If a brand is looking to have an influencer create a story, travel to a special destination, stay in their space, or anything in between, Eff's role as a digital influencer is to help clients push these campaigns and not be limited in their options. As a business consultant, Eff's expertise in the world of social media and menswear can be utilized for clients who need direction. Have Eff help your business in branding, marketing, purchasing, and the many aspects of running a business. Eff has traveled the world and knows the market very well which has allowed him to understand what works and what doesn't in a fashion business. So if you are looking for a digital influencer or a business consultant, be sure to count with us for this. Here are some examples of the work that Eff has done with:




Social Media Advertising : Instagram Features

Engage with our followers by simply sponsoring Instagram posts. See the examples below:

@artsn_ introduces their royal blue marble line for macbook // perfect valentines day gift for only $49 // shipping worldwide

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@taft Troy Boot in Black/Gold is back in stock! Available only at www.taftclothing.com @taft @taft

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Oversized outfit by #FentyXPuma from @revolveman - more on the blog! Link in bio. #revolveman

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Who We'VE Work With:

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