Google WiFi

It is great to be able to continue the conversation on another new Google product, Google Wifi. Google Wifi is here to provide a fast signal in every room of the house and on every device. This was something that came extremely helpful in my home. Having to use my home for video production, video gaming, and everything in between, a fast reliable Wi-Fi signal is a must!


I have a fairly large home and prior to the Google Wifi, I had just your basic router that was provided by my Internet provider. As many of you know, this might only work well if you are either in the same room as the router or very close to it. Luckily this problem has been solved thanks to Google Wifi as it replaces the router with “points” that create a blanket of fast, reliable Wi-Fi that now covers my entire home.


My team can now use the same fast Wi-Fi in any room of my house as we shoot content or create stories for the blog. Also, my son can continue to enjoy his video streaming on his TV while I work on my own video projects in my office. My wife is constantly creating culinary masterpieces in the kitchen, and with fast Wi-Fi by her side in the kitchen, she can continue to do so. Besides having great connection around my home, Google Wifi comes in a beautiful sleek design and a simple app that lets your control what matters. If you are looking to improve your Wi-Fi experience in your home, I do recommend you upgrade to Google Wifi. Please do learn more about this product by clicking here!

Thank you Google for sponsoring this blog post.